Welcome to Tasty Kale!

If you like chips, you're going to love Tasty Kale - all the crunch, flavor and snack food satisfaction, without the high calories, low nutritional value and guilt.

Tasty Kale is dehydrated kale seasoned with the best, all natural ingredients from around the world.

Our unique recipes are what make Tasty Kale's five flavors so tasty: Sweet, Spicy Curry, Za'Atar, Garlic and Zing Zang.

You can crunch it right out of the box, sprinkle it into your favorite soup, or shake it into a salad, or on your favorite pizza!

Healthy snacking!
                Larry TKG Brownstein  Tom Brophy

Sweet Tasty Kale
Zing Zang
Spicy Curry